Natural cosmetics

Our mission is to gather all the fruits of our territory. This is why we also selected businesses that transform raw materials, such as herbs which grow spontaneously, not merely in food but in medicinal products, where the active ingredient consists exclusively of herbal substances or herbal preparations.


“Though a tree grows ever so high, the falling leaves return to its roots.” 

Although, over the years, we spent long time away from home, the desire to imagine building a future in our region was always strong. This desire combined with the amazement of people who had the chance to spend time in these places, led us to imagine a more ambitious project: to promote “lucanity” in the world, beyond regional and national borders. We do not just want to let people taste quality food and wine of our territory, but also to enhance the beauty of the places we live in and promote its history. Our land is rich in history. You can easily perceive how the southern Italian peasant life was like, with its fears, tragedies, joys, the daily life in the houses, in the fields and in the mountains, the food, customs and language. A world of extraordinary beauty and charm.