“When it comes to eating, territories have to be incorporated.”

Jean Brunhes

Our business

Tradition and love for our territory are our watchwords

 The project “Terra del Sasso” has developed from the strong bond we have with our territory, landscape, food and wine tradition. The company was founded in April 2017 in Sasso di Castalda, by Angelo and Michela. It aims at promoting the typical features of our territory, at offering high quality products selected by a network of small businesses, and at introducing the beauties of our region, Basilicata. We choose to highlight the peculiarities of the region, an unexplored territory that has so much to offer. We also focus on enhancing the qualities of our neighboring territories, which have always influenced our cultures and daily habits. (Vallo di Diano and Cilento).

The name “Terra del Sasso” pays tribute to the ancient name of a community perched on the mountains of the southern Apennines, in the heart of the ancient Lucania. People who lived or crossed these mountains (from the Enotri to the Greeks, from the Lucanians to the Romans, from the Byzantines to the Normans, from the Swabians and the Angevins to the Aragoneses), have always filled their tables with the food this territory offered them: the same ones we want the whole world to know.

Our values